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The Investing Foundations have always been the same. We add experience, perception and conviction to build-up on the same foundations to consistently generate alpha in a volatile ever-changing environment.

But, never before have so many people lost so much owing to the few entrusted.


An attempt to getting professional wealth management accessible by retail clients who often find themselves paying more fees than generating returns.  


Efficient Market Hypothesis

In-house algorithms help make sure, we are never against the price.

While we invest on the future vision of companies.

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Low Churn

In- dept analysis backs our conviction which allows us to stay calm during turbulence.

Bar Chart
Alternate Alpha

Always scrounging for historic patterns to re-appear in the future to generate alpha from "in line" patterns.

The Team

Skin in the Game

Each of us personally are exposued to everything mentioned, as a sign of confidence in our conviction


Cumulatively, learning from markets since 1985. Experienced crashing markets, failing exchanges, Global Financial Crisis and currently a Pandemic


A CFA Charterholder and Certified FRM along with knowledge of Data Science put together with active market experience.