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Detailed Disclosures

Craving Alpha LLP is a non-individual registered with SEBI as an Investment Adviser registered vide- INA300017038.

Registered at SEBI, ERO at L&T Chambers, 3rd Floor 16 Camac Street Kolkata- 700 017, WB

  • Material information about the Principal - Mayank Mehra, CFA, FRM

Along with being a registered adviser, Mayank Mehraa is an investor and actively trades in the Indian Capital Markets. Any probable Conflicts of Interest are disclosed as and when they arise. The adviser has no history of any disciplinary actions by the capital markets regulatory on any enforcement agency.

Terms and Conditions of offering advice are mutually reached upon as and when a new client is onboarded.

The adviser offers its services via the platform offered to him by "smallcase technologies pvt ltd"(platform) for which a fees as a percentage of billed amount is paid to the platform.

The advisor is not affiliated with any market intermediary and hence does not receive any brokerage or fees from any other market intermediary other than the fees paid to him by his clients.

  • Holdings and Positions of the adviser in financial products or securities which are a subject matter of advice

The adviser and members of his family are usually invested in financial products and securities which are a subject matter of advice.

Any past performance of stocks, portfolio, financial products or securities are only for purposes of illustration and should not construe any indication of how the future performance may or may not be.

The adviser does not partake in any advertising activities and all marketing content are only sent to those who chose to sign up for the same online.

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